We are delighted to announce that the next GEDC Industry Forum will be hosted by McMaster University’s Faculty of Engineering, Canada and will take place from the 6th to the 8th of July 2020. We will continue to build on the themes and initiatives developed at previous events. We will release more information and invitations very soon.

Join us at the GEDC annual conference from the 20 to the 23rd of October in Santiago, Chile. The event will bring together engineering deans and rectors from around the world to address the way this discipline can make a meaningful impact in our societies. Find out more here: https://gedc2019.org/

Developing the Next Generation of Engineering Experts and Leaders

The Global Engineering Deans Council (GEDC) Industry Forum is an ongoing initiative which brings together leading engineering and technology employers and deans from around the world for dialogue, to network, and to share knowledge and good practice, developing the next generation of engineering leaders.

Building on the immense success of pilot events in Fontainebleau 2017 and Bucharest 2019, the most recent edition of the Industry Forum was held in Fontainebleau in 2019. This highly interactive, invitation-only event addressed how to implement and scale up successful programmes which see universities and the private sector working together to develop the skills needed in future engineering experts and leaders. We explored how to develop socially conscious engineering and tech graduates for the future, building trust and authentic, inclusive communication skills as well as strategies to improve cross border, open-innovation through agile university-industry collaboration.


The 2019 July Industry Forum was held at CEDEP: a highly regarded international executive education centre in Fontainebleau, less than one hour from central Paris. CEDEP is an open creative design space that was greatly appreciated by previous participants.

The GEDC Industry Forum: A Unique Opportunity

Make a difference

The Industry Forum is designed for participants to create pioneering solutions together to some of the biggest global challenges shared by engineering and technology employers, educators and innovators.

Inspire and be inspired

The right balance of input and group work ensures we hear from global experts, while highly innovative sessions designed to facilitate peer-to-peer learning lead to the creation of valuable new ideas.

Share and gather expertise

The Industry Forum’s innovative format ensures that every single voice is heard, creating a great opportunity to leverage collective knowledge whilst developing an influential and meaningful dialogue.


Delve into the priorities and pressures that your counterparts in industry, education and the start-up sector are facing and contribute to an open dialogue in a trusting environment that turns differences into assets.

Go beyond networking

The level of trust and engagement enabled by this unique format presents a remarkable opportunity for participants to go beyond networking, to build genuine, useful and lasting relationships.

Have fun

The GEDC Industry Forum participants get involved with highly creative and innovative group work sessions facilitated by renowned global specialists, all in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

What participants say about their experience at the GEDC Industry Forum

‘I have never been to a meeting, conference, or workshop that has brought together the collection of leaders that we have in engineering from around the world, and in such a dynamic format.’

– Dr. Peter Kilpatrick
McCloskey Dean of Engineering at the University of Notre Dame
Currently – Provost and Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs at Illinois Institute of Technology

‘For me the highlight of the Industry Forum has been the dynamic working groups that we have engaged in. This is an opportunity for people to work together on real issues and create solutions that will have a practical impact.’

– Dr. Greg Konstantinov
Director, Human Resources, The Boeing Company

‘One of the most valuable aspects of the event was that academia, industry and students got to work together, so we had an opportunity to get an insight into how people think and what they expect from each other.’

– Fabian Henze
Head of Software Development, Miele Tehnica

‘I had fun that I haven’t had before at similar events and found lots of ideas to pass to my colleagues…!’

– Emilia Pecheva
Science and Innovation Officer, British Embassy, Bulgaria

‘The Industry Forum is well attended by a good mix of industry and university representatives. Since almost all the sessions are interactive and dynamic, it offers excellent opportunities to gain visibility with most of the attending institutions.’

– Stefano Olivieri
Customer Success Manager, Italy and MENA, Mathworks

Thank you for attending


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The Global Engineering Deans Council (GEDC) was created on 9 May 2008 in Paris as a recognition of the global need for a world-wide forum of engineering deans and rectors. The main goal of the GEDC is to provide engineering deans and rectors with ideas, tools, and “best” practices necessary to become innovative leaders of engineering education.

Find out more: www.gedcouncil.org

Get involved

We are delighted to announce that the next GEDC Industry Forum will be hosted by McMaster University’s Faculty of Engineering, Canada and will take place from the 6th to the 8th of July 2020. If you would like to receive updates, please keep in touch. This is an invitation-only event with limited places allocated on a first-come basis. If you would like to request an invitation to the next event, or inquire about sponsorship or speaking opportunities, please get in touch at contact@gedc-industryforum.com.

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