The Future of Engineering is Human: Conclusions from the GEDC Industry Forum, Fontainebleau 2019

Each edition of the GEDC Industry Forum provides an opportunity for leading engineering and technology employers and academics from around the world to come together for dialogue, to network, and to share knowledge and good practice.. At the most recent event from the 3rd to 5th July 2019, participants proposed 3 main solutions.

  1. Emphasise the human aspect of engineering because ultimately, what engineers produce will be used by humans and should be of service to society. Some ways delegates discussed doing this included educating engineering students about global issues such as those outlined in the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), joining initiatives such as Global Grand Challenge Scholars Programme, and embedding community activities in engineering education.
  2. Find ways to generate a shift in culture and mindset in engineering education, because systemic change is necessary in today’s complex, rapidly changing world. The Forum itself was recognised as a step towards achieving this by enabling deeper dialogue and understanding, as well as including employers and stakeholders throughout the learning cycle, and implementing multidisciplinary activities.
  3. Increase student engagement which will help ensure they become active participants in their education and careers. Introducing more experiential learning and promoting student involvement in extracurricular activities were some of the ways suggested by participants to engage students.

Find more details and discover the event sessions and group presentations that led to these conclusions in the full report, available to download here.

What’s Next for the GEDC Industry Forum?

To continue to build on the themes and initiatives developed at this year’s event, we’re delighted that the next GEDC Industry Forum will be hosted by the Faculty of Engineering at McMaster University, Canada from the 6th to 8th July 2020! Find out more in the brochure here.

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